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Peter Annegarn
& Willy Hanken


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We are living in a town with about 40.585 inhabitants called Harderwijk, in the middle of the country The Netherlands, also known unofficially as Holland, constitutional monarchy of northwestern Europe, bordered on the north and west by the North Sea, on the east by Germany, and on the south by Belgium. With Belgium and Luxembourg, The Netherlands forms the Low, or Benelux, Countries. The Netherlands Antilles and Aruba, islands in the Caribbean, are part of the Netherlands. The European portion of The Netherlands has a total area of 41,526 sq km (16,033 sq mi), of which 33,939 sq km (13,104 sq mi) is land surface. The country's capital and largest city is Amsterdam. The Netherlands, as its name suggests, is a low-lying country. About half of the country's landmass lies below sea level. This amount would increase should the polar ice caps melt and slowly raise the level of the sea due to global warming. Much of the western part, situated below sea level, is covered with clay and peat soils interspersed with canals, rivers, and arms of the sea. Farther to the east the land lies slightly above sea level and is flat to gently rolling. The elevation rarely exceeds 50 m (164 ft). Most of the land is devoted to agriculture; only small areas of forest and heath remain. Harderwijk is bordered on the east and south by one of the greatest areas of this forest and heath and on the west and north by the former Zuiderzee, a large arm of the sea. A dike separating it from the sea was completed in 1932, when work was begun to drain about 225,000 hectares (about 556,000 acres) to form reclaimed land known as polders, such as Flevoland and the North East Polder. About three-quarters of the area had been reclaimed by the early 1980s. The remaining freshwater lake is called the IJsselmeer. The part of the IJsselmeer bordering Harderwijk is called Wolderwijd.
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Some members of both our families can be found in documents on the Internet or have their own homepages. Therefore I made a compilation of this addresses so far as known to me.
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Annegarn Hanken

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Familynames Annegarn & Hanken on the Internet
This homepage
Paul Annegarn's Homepage
Paul Annegarn:
our son Annegarn
Noordwijk Annegarn

Dick Annegarn

Dick Annegarn

Dick Annegarn
Matthieu Dalle - Contrebasse - Dick Annegarn Annegarn
Amsterdam - The Netherlands Annegarn
Bosch en Duin
Netherlands Dr. Harold J. Annegarn
Biennial Report 1993-94,^R^M
Emissions and Efficiencies of Rural Wood Cookstoves
EES Home Page: Meinrat O. Andreae - Biogeochemistry, atmospheric chemistry, ... group/am-2.htm Annegarn
Netherlands (Philips) (M.J.E.) Annegarn
Annegarn Designs
commercial art
Aberdeen (Maryland)
Uitslagen 26e Halve Marathon van Egmond - 11 januari 1998 - Prestatieloop - tijd 1:33 - 1:37 . . . . . nr. 251 - 500 (#266)
Mario Annegarn
Germany Annegarn
water polo players London Poly Annegarn - Delbrück DL (chess)
Derivative choreography sucks life out of Pittsburgh's 'Dracula' at Detroit Opera House
By Barbara Hoover / Detroit News Dance Critic
Steven Annegarn Annegarn
Bierdruck Annegarn GmbH
Kaelteanlagen * Schankanlagen * Getränketechnik
An der Kleimannbrücke 101
D-48157 Münster
Germany Wolters,
Weg 27,
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